Top 10 Vampires of All Time

Vampires have been in the background of western culture for ages, going as far back as ancient Mesopotamian myths, but the modern concept of vampirism only appeared about two hundred years ago. Tales of south east European nobility conjured devilish draconian aristocrats who literally consumed blood, and the idea of beautiful well-dressed forever young homicidal maniacs became forever imprinted into our culture.

Today movies, books, and popular entertainment all around transforms vampires into as many forms and portrayals as there are victims of Count Dracula. Not Adulting compiles 10 excellent blood sucking porphyrin characters into this list. The sparkle motion kind need not apply.


10. Santinico Pandemonium

Many of you may not even know Salma Hayek’s character had a name in this movie. She was the really hot undead bloodsucker who savagely massacred an entire strip club full of criminals and fugitives. Although her appearance is short, Saninico created one of the most memorable and graphic scenes in vampire cinema.


9. David (Lost Boys)

The great thing about this list is that everyone on it is a super powered bad ass, so please don’t take offense if your boy comes out 9th on the list. David was and still is one of pop culture’s most recognizable characters. Despite losing his life to a few kids, David’s psychological hold over Michael and his family was expertly acted by Keifer Sutherland.


8. Lestat (Anne Rice novels)

Lestat was a crazy and eccentric hermit who reveled in his own lust and power. You have to respect a man who can dress like that and walk around Paris or New Orleans like a brutal god. Of all the vampires on this list, Lestat probably gets the worst rep for being an overly flamboyant pretty boy, but he definitely was not to be trifled with.

Are you a Lestat fan?


7. D (Vampire Hunter D)

D’s vampirism was of the half human variety, and it allowed him to walk around and mingle with humans in daylight. If you were or are a fan of anime and manga, then you may have heard of this spectacular Japanese depiction of the porphyrin myths.


6. Selene (Underworld)

It’s not every day you can turn Romeo & Juliet into a vampire love tale with bondage and assault weapons. Wouldn’t you say that’s basically what Underworld is? Selene was a beautiful character with conflicted emotions, she was always surrounded by tragedy and betrayal, but always held out for hope in the shell casing count.


5. Blade (Blade) Blade

“Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate up hill.” One of the coolest characters in our entire pop cultural pantheon. Marvel’s Shaft-esque ninja halfbreed created the era of popular comic cinema that it enjoys today. Without him, we would not have amazing scenes like these.


4. Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel)

This guy was so conflicted and deep that he needed his own spin off, and people still weren’t able to completely figure him out. Angel was presented at first as a pretty prima donna who would sweep in and sweep Buffy off of her feet, but was revealed to be the most traumatizing character on basic cable television.



3. Dracula (Gray Oldman)

Yep. It’s time for the trinity of Dracula! Many would say Gary Oldman is one of the finest actors of our generation. He lifted this character into new heights, taking Dracula into the ‘90s without ruining the legacy of the Draculas who came before him.


2. Dracula (Christopher Lee)

Christopher Lee brought Bram Stoker’s fable to life with as much poise and horror as the original. The late 50s Hammer Horror trilogy of Dracula films became iconic for the acting of one Christopher Lee, whose acting career would become cemented forever in 20th century cinema.


1. Dracula (Bela Lugosi)

The root of this vampire dilemma keeping us all up at night is this man right here. In 1927 he appeared as Dracula, the main character of a book done by Bram Stoker – who was kind of the George R.R. Martin of his time, for writing the 1897 Gothic novel that would establish vampire literature for us all. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was an important film done

just over a decade after the author died. It would have probably caused a pop in the timeline no matter what, because of how relevant it was to people from that generation; however, could the legend and franchise be as popular as it is today without the phenomenal part of Bela Lugosi.


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