10 Fun Fun Partyin’ Partyin’ Songs For Anybody That Can’t Wait For Friday

Friday is a very special day and it happens 52 times a year, but sometimes 53 in the very rare case that a leap day falls on the grandest leap day of all — FRIDAY.

Why is Friday so important? Millions of weekend enthusiasts have tried for years to understand, and recent studies have resulted in excellent memes, however the true allure of Friday remains much of a mystery. There are many reasons to dwell on Friday, for example what song with Friday in the title is the best?

We here at Not Adulting have at least seven tracks for your good ol’ Friday playlist. These songs run the gammon from country, pop, heavy metal, progressive, and hip hop. Whatever your style or preference, you can be sure to enjoy at least one of these Friday jams. Some of these songs may be about a particular someone you may just happen to find on a Friday night, and some of them are about the good givings of Friday in general, but they’re all FUN – FUN – FUN – FUN — PARTYIN’ PARTYIN’…

10. Genesis – Get ‘Em Out By Friday

Genesis is a pretty good place to start, and if you are having a rough time cranking out assignments by the weekend — you may need to take a stroll to drift off with the team of Rutherford, Banks, Collins, Gabriel, and Hackett. Although the song is a bit long by radio standards and lacks the pop gusto of many other tracks on this list, it probably packs a special chord or melody for every moment you spend waiting and thinking about Friday.

9. Ice Cube – Friday

Ice Cube. Yes, we’re going to take a trip from progressive rock to the wild world of west coast gangsta’ rap of the ‘90s. Who could better perfect the casual Friday of life in the ghetto? When it comes to acting out the role of a black man from the streets, the 90s always went with one of two ice men, and it’s no secret why Cube

was one of them. The man will always be remembered for his incredible range not just as an actor or writer, but also for his ability to throw together stories into catchy rhythms on the fly.

8. George Jones – It’s Finally Friday

This one is for all of the country heads out there. George Jones was one of the legendary acts who helped create modern country music. It’s true, in Nashville they celebrate Friday too, and this little diddy is how they do it.

And on Saturday you can throw on this numba’ by Mel McDaniel.

7. Rebecca Black – It’s Friday

Like duh. This is so obviously going on the list. OMG. How did you not already know?

6. Megadeth – Good Mourning/Black Friday

You’re going to need this one if you feel like that last track stole your testosterone. If there’s anything you could say about Dave Mustaine’s Fridays in the ‘80s, it’s that many probably lasted until Tuesday and included drug concoctions you should be deathly afraid of. This is not the way Dave Mustaine wants you to spend your Friday these days, and for that reason you will never again hear him perform this sacred tune of black magic and absolute heresy on Friday night. He skipped right past not adulating and went full into not human.

5. Niche – Mr. Friday Night

Okay, so this one found a niche in this list because we’re lacking some serious dance songs and this one fits the mix! Niche nails it with this rebellious nonstop eargasm about dodging the regular players who prey on ladies at the club.

4. Katy Perry – T.G.I.F

This song stole every single idol and concept from the 80s for a generation of millennials starving for something culturally relevant. Rebecca Black’s appearance is probably the only thing about this video that didn’t rob from a decade when Black didn’t even exist.

Despite the video’s obnoxiously contrived gimmick, Katy Perry’s team of composers really made some magic with this song.

3. The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind

You can throw your pep into your step with this song. Rock & roll in the ‘60s had many simple and catchy tracks like this one. The Easybeats would never outshine some of their contemporaries, but this Australian outfit had the world struck with what was dubbed Easyfever for a short while with this single, which would go on to sell 1 million copies around the world.

2. Nancy Sinatra – Friday’s Child

Alright folks. It’s time it take it down to the sultry god send for the 60s. Although there are many women who have tried to fill her shoes or steal her thunder, Nancy is still the iconic crem de la crem for pop star gals on the loose – and she’s 76 years old. Nancy’s last album was in 2013 and she appears regularly as a host on Sirius XM’s Sirius Sinatra station.

1. The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

Yay! We have come to the conclusion of our list and we may all rejoice, but first let’s throw on this special anthem for all of the hip depressed people going on three decades now. It’s as if The Cure’s Robert Smith is singling out all of the other days as posers, wannabe days just trying to live in the image of the ultimate day on our calendar, and he doesn’t care for them at all because Friday is where he’ll find all of the love.

Friday is where I found love. What about you?

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