11 Star Wars Themes That Will Get You Through Hump Day

Some days are better than others, and all days have the possibility of becoming a long drag. Hump day has a tendency to easily go one way or the other. When you’re alone and struggling to overcome a project, sometimes all it takes is a few coffees, but when you need to go that extra mile –

Any Star Wars theme is what you need, but we’re not just digging into the rich catalog of the mythic score composer John Williams for this list; on top of the original themes, there will also be selected tracks from the diverse fandom.

Here are eleven literally stellar themes that will drag you out of whatever rut you’re in, and make you feel the power of the dark side or the light.


(Imperial March)

Because there’s no better theme to play when you’re circling around the block with 6 seventeen hundred meter long Victory class vessels poised to take over.


(Duel of Fates)

Like, duh the death of Qui Gon Jinn is what started it all, even though his death sort of happened long after Obi Wan, even though Obi Wan survived to train the guy who kills Obi Wan 30 something years later.


(The Battle of Hoth)

Yeah, tough freakin’ life, if you want to be a Rebel. Pay attention to this film, where everyone almost dies and then get sent out on the most disappointing journey of cinema history. There is a reason why Empire is considered by a large part of the Star Wars community to be the franchise King of Kings. Nothing hits harder to home like watching one best friend get turned into a carbonized cube and another losing his hand. Of course many would say Leia is the hardest crusader in this group, and with the help of a big walking carpet and some cool robots, we end with the beginning of their final journey in the original trilogy.


(Anakin vs Obi Wan)

I don’t know what’s worse, Hayden’s acting, or the horrible feeling of knowing two best friends are trying to kill each other over extreme political and ideological differences. Welcome to the fall of the Republic. Ten years ago, George Lucas gave us all this climatic descent into the galactic apocalypse. Two extreme ideologies clash together in a pivotal moment that will erupt into the decline of civilization…


(Fett Vette by M.C. Chris)

If you don’t like rap, then cover your ears… Otherwise this track slays harder than Jabba’s rancor. Star Wars has such a phenomenal influence that it draws in even the hardest rappers, especially this nerdcore figurehead who wrote about everyone’s favorite bounty hunter cruising around in cool sports cars.


(Fighting the Destroyer Droids)

Destroyer droids are spinning death machines. They will only slow down to kill you with major arm cannons. Even Qui Gon knew there was a time for courage and a time for quick retreat. In the first scene where the Destroyer droids appeared on film, Qui Gon did not choose courage, and now we shall forever live knowing these things could make a Jedi master run away.


(Star Wars The Old Republic Theme)

If you’re sitting at a table talking about Star Wars and The Old Republic has not come up yet, then you may be missing out on a great masterpiece of the entire saga. This game is storied in the ancient ages preceding the films by over a thousand years, and in many ways its story stands beside that of the original films. The tale of Revan is one of the greatest in all modern story telling. Do not be fooled by what appears to be a child’s X Box game. Let the Force flow through you and guide you down the path…


(Temple March)

When the entire government takes over the very center of philosophical guidance in galactic society and not even the children are spared.

Oh yeah, and it was your hero who did it.

George Lucas may not have been given much credit for the prequels, but this movie flies through the roof and into hyperspace in terms of drama and tragedy.


(Star Wars: Kylo Ren Theme)

I once wrote a note on my wall in a moment of absolute despair; can’t kill myself, need to wait until I get to see Kylo Ren again.

This guy is super cool, and he’s really evil and twisted. He can do just about anything he wants, like stop blasters in mid air, throw temper tantrums at the most powerful people in the First Order, and kill his own dad without feeling a bit of remorse. He reads peoples thoughts, survives being blasted with a bowcaster, and oh I don’t want to tell you anymore and neither does J. J.


(Cantina Theme) When you want to go to the coolest parties in town, but you’re too afraid to get shot for being in a bad neighborhood.

Mos Eisely had the wildest scene.


(Yub Nub Ewok Celebration)

When the Sith are defeated and you can enjoy a moment of victory and celebration with all of your friends, where will you be? You should come to Endor, where the ewoks are hosting a radical bonfire over the effigy of a tragic hero returned to grace.

So what did you think? Will you be cruising Mos Espa with Boba Fett or dancing with the ewoks on the forest moon?

Don’t forget that on December 16th Star Wars will welcome Rogue One into his collection of theatrical releases, the first Anthology film of the Disney series and a standalone based during the time of the Galactic Civil War.

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