Here Are Five Epic Battle Scenes To Get Through The Mondays

Today’s case of the Mondays has been a brutal slag fest that could be compared to the fighting of the 300 Spartans against the Persian army at Thermopylae.

Does that sound about right?

You’re about dead already, and you maybe have a savage bloodlust pumping through your veins.

Luckily for you, NotAdulting has compiled this list of five ruthless battle scenes that will inspire your rage to great heights, however, hopefully you don’t go off on any groups armed with your trusty French-Indian war era musket and tomahawk.

5. 13th Warrior – Prayer before the final battle

Moments before facing off against a death eating horde of beserker zombies, these brave Vikings and their Islamic friend from Spain played by Antonio Banderas make a final prayer to their ancestors in what may be one of the most memorable scenes before the final stand in cinema.

4. 300 – ‘Give them nothing, take from them everything!’

The legend of this Spartan battle has endured for nearly 2,500 years. As King Leonidas I predicts in this scene, the 300 Spartans have lived on pretty much forever, and it’s all because they dared to make a final stand at the windy pass.

3. The Patriot – The Ghost in the woods scene

Mel Gibson played a couple of savage characters known for taking a stand against tyranny between 1995 and 2000, but since this list is lacking some serious firepower — we’re going with his character of Ben Martin from The Patriot. The death of Martin’s second son brings Gibson’s family to this explosive point in the woods that you may never forget once you’ve seen the scene.

2. Lord of The Rings: Return of The King – The Rohirrim save Minas Tirith

It’s nearly the end of a three hour long film. There isn’t much at this point that can sate your appetite through an entire trilogy of savage orcs, elves, rangers, and giant fighting tree men. Defeat lingers over Minas Tirith like a shadow impossible to escape.

Suddenly over the horizon, King Theodan and his riders of the Rohirrim appear and embark on the great calvary charge to save their allies.

Now this is royally awesome.

1. Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers – The Rohirrim save Helms Deep

Can you tell someone is a big LoTR nerd? Okay, so it might normally be a bit much to put in two scenes that are so similar to one another, but in this masterpiece from the 2002 film we get something so glorious that it stands on its own.

“So much death… What can men do against such reckless hate?”
“Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them!”

Fetch my horse. The Mondays are coming and we must ride out for war!

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