Barack Obama’s Final Days Are All About Setting Up The Defensive Against A Conservative D.C. Takeover

The President of the United States has less than three weeks until the January 20th inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Barack Obama’s time is short, but he has been sure to use that time for his administration to wisely get some things done. Here is how he plans to set up a defensive line around the Democratic agenda before the final send off.

In response to the scandal and national security concerns over the alleged Russian hacking involved with the United States election, President Obama has sanctioned the Russians and sent dozens of their diplomats packing. No push-over, Barack Obama has weighed a heavy hand in reaction even as his days dwindle down. There are still 18 days for Obama to corner Putin and Trump with more steps to take in the ongoing conflict. Most of the hurdles Obama has laid out for Trump are not impossible to overcome for the incoming President, but each of them is certainly a roadblock that Trump must deal with in a timely fashion with the appropriate legislative process.

Knowing that Trump’s administration is closer than the NFL Conference Championships, Obama also plans to meet with key members of the Democratic Party to insure several Democratic plans don’t go up in smoke. Punishing Russia isn’t the only agenda in Obama’s book. He’s also using the time to get together with the Dems in congress to defend the Affordable Care Act, a primary target in the eyes of the Republicans.

As the President of United States, Barack Obama is party leader, but after Jan 20th, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (pictured left) will assume the role of House Leader while Sen. Harry Reid takes the mantle in senate.

The Republicans are going to have Capitol Hill stacked for the next two years, and an orange elephant in the White House (or wherever Trump plans to stay) is only going to give them more leverage, but again – this is about hurdles; if Obama can create as many obstacles as possible for the Trump White House, it’s a modest W for the left camp. As it stands now, there are divisions within the Republican Party about their plans for Affordable Care, which the Dems wish to exploit.

Obama has also used his time and power to create national monuments for Native Americans in Utah and Nevada, preserving over a million acres of land held sacred by local tribes. The move to protect the land in Utah was followed by backlash from Utah’s Republican Sen. Mike Lee, who once represented legal for nuclear waste provider EnergySolutions in the state of Utah.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, was a former legal representative for the world’s largest provider of nuclear waste. He has been a voice of outrage for the right wing, since Obama closed off more than a million acres in the senator’s state.

“This arrogant act by a lame duck president will not stand,” the Tea Party senator tweeted.

Obama’s blocking tactics easily confused and irritated President-elect Donald Trump, who took to social media to lambaste the standing President’s swift acts. After a short phone call from the White House, Donald Trump stood down and claimed that everything was moving smoothly.

“President Obama is a courageous man. I could not be more grateful to him and his team for working with me to make this happen, and for everything he has done to protect public lands in Nevada,” said Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, of Obama’s deal to preserve 300,000 acres in Gold Butte outside of Las Vegas.

As the time ticks away, Obama also has some choices to make about clemency. Some of the more prolific pardon options he has include political exile Edward Snowden, a traitor or patriot depending on who you ask; however, Obama wishes to focus on non-violent offenders. Hundreds have been released during the Obama administration since his first term began eight years ago.

Is there anything you wish Obama would do before the passing of the torch on January 20th?

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