Pals & Confidants Are Hard To Come By These Days, But Not On Hulu

By Nicholas Pendergast

If you’re as interested in the stories of four female senior citizens as I am, then you’ll probably be subscribing to Hulu if you haven’t already signed up. The Golden Girls are coming to the streaming service on February 13th.

Hulu’s service already provides subscribers with modern classics like Seinfeld, Fraiser, South Park, and Family Guy. The addition of Golden Girls will surely be a huge boost for the L.A. based company, who revealed that America’s favorite four geriatrics will come to their network at the Television Critics Association event in Pasadena this past weekend. Not only was the entire room in attendance shocked, but the Internet took a pretty huge spike of interest in the series as well.

If nothing else, the surge in popularity will certainly mean you’ll see a lot more spiffy Golden Girl gifs like this one.












Can you dig it?

The iconic television series which ran for 12 seasons on NBC has never been streamed in its entirety before, although you can certainly still catch the series reruns on television — where it’ll probably stay until you’re at least Bettie White’s age.

“It’s a timeless show. One of the things we know about it…is that it still appeals to people of all ages. So this is not a nostalgia play,” said Hulu’s Content Chief, Craig Erwich.

You’re probably humming this tune off in your head, so let’s send this one off with a big thank you.

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