Buzz Lightyear of Star Command faces off with Darth Vader in this epic fan movie

by Nicholas Pendergast

It’s not inconceivable that somewhere within the boundaries of infinity and beyond, that Buzz Lightyear could meet the Dark Lord of the Sith in an epic battle. Darth Vader is in a galaxy far far away, but there’s no source material that tells us The First Galactic Empire doesn’t fall within jurisdiction of Star Command, is there?

So what would happen if Buzz Lightyear crossed paths with the malevolent space cyborg Darth Vader? Well the genius director Andrew McMurry, or Nukazooka as he is known by his 1 million  subscribers on YouTube, decided to get together with a small crew to create an altercation. How would a match between everyone’s favorite plastic space ranger and an iconic Sith lord end? Well it certainly won’t be pretty, and I would be remiss to spoil it all before you before the laser beams and sparks start flying — off of Vader’s crimson lightsaber, that is.

The battle is provided by two actors in cosplay with some special effects to grant us a few llusions; space laser weapons are a thing, an adult sized toy man can fly, and amputations are no big deal. Darth Vader’s command of the Force is a power that Buzz Lightyear may not be familiar with, but rest assured Star Command’s Space Ranger armor (MADE IN TAIWAN) is the stuff that even a Sith must reckon with.

Don’t get yourself a woody yet, guys. Click the video and see for yourself just how far Buzz Lightyear can go.

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