Lady Gaga slams body shamers, and Oregon hypes protest fights to new levels

Lady Gaga stands at her own defense against body shaming tweets targeted at her performance during the Super Bowl LI halftime show this past Sunday. The show was applauded as a hugely inspirational and successful show by a number of people who watched her sing between the big game’s second and third quarters. Of course, every bad egg on the Internet had to use this as an excuse to fat shame Gaga for a little bit of meat hanging around her gut. Like — omg, she has some flesh, that’s nasty… Right, excuse my sarcasm. If you didn’t see the performance, Lady Gaga basically ran around on stage for about ten minutes without stopping to catch a breath, after descending down onto the NRG football field by cables. She danced, went through multiple wardrobe changes in a matter of seconds, and played on a piano. Flames shot up all around her, no doubt adding to the heat and sweat that must have accumulated from the 30-year-old’s physically exhausting display, as she ran around with a horde of her little monsters on the field and back up dancers on stage.

That’s no big deal.

In other news, Nazi punching is the ‘in’ thing right now, if you live in Oregon that is. A real estate firm with some interest in searching Google trends determined that the Pacific state has searched for ‘Nazi punching’ more than any other state in the union. There’s no denying that since Richard Spencer was punched by an alleged antifa protester at the Trump inauguration protests, that Nazi punching has become a very popular meme among liberals styling themselves as ‘The Resistance.’ The memes are all over social media, and the additional violence against Grant Chisholm at a Portland protest  only adds more flame to the fire.

It’s no big deal. We only have unchecked violence sparking between competing unruly mobs in our airport terminals. What could go wrong?


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