Fans hit wall of ice as HBO unravels the premiere of GoT season seven

by Nicholas Pendergast

Game of Thrones fans received a jolt of anticipation this week after HBO revealed the premiere date of their epic dark fantasy series’ season seven first episode.

Season seven’s first episode will air on July 16th, and this will be curtain call for the epic production inspired by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, although the finale will be partitioned into what will be a final season in 2018. Seven episodes will air this year, and the final six will air for season eight.

Seven years ago, when the franchise began, the cast and crew went into unknown realms; much like Daenerys Targaryen’s trek through the barren desert in the series’ second novel, there was no guarantee that the show would make it, but HBO ran with the gamble.

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke embarking on a journey that would change their careers in season 1.

In return for their investment, Game of Thrones draws over 10 million of viewers (and more than that when considering alternative methods of watching the show), and has become the most watched series in HBO history.

Game of Thrones has also won more Emmy Awards than any other scripted drama in history.

With that level of acclaim, you would expect that fans would be willing to do just about anything to sit through and wait for HBO’s big revelation for season seven.

HBO probably expected the same thing, when they decided to make fans sit through an hour of watching ice melt – literally – just to find out the premiere date for season seven.

HBO’s #GoTS7 promo poster was shared by millions on Twitter.

The response to HBO’s trailer attempt came with some scorn, but whatever derisive tweets may have been fired off toward the trailer, were lost in a hail of praise and excitement.

Winter has arrived and the Great War is here – or at least it will be here, in about 129 days, at the time of this write up.


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