Netflix revamps rating recommendation system with some disapproval by subscribers.

Netflix Marco Polo with 5 star rating system.

Netflix plans on a major overhaul to their ratings system, and already subscribers are giving it a huge thumbs down.

For years, streamers have used the 5.0 star rating component of the service to recommend films based on quality. A decent movie may receive a 3.5, a terrible movie would obviously receive something around the lines of a 1.0, and a marvelous life changing film could earn the coveted 5.0.

Imagine all of those nights handing out stars are now gone within the immediate future.

Todd Yellin provides a demonstration of how thumbs up and thumbs down works.

“Five stars feels very yesterday now,” said Netflix’s VP of Product Innovation Todd Yellin. “[The five-star rating system] really projects what you think you want to tell the world. But we want to move to a system where it’s really clear, when members rate, that it’s for them, and to keep on making the Netflix experience better and better.”

In other words he thinks members want a less comprehensive system, as if a sliding scale with golden stars is too complicated. The change is planned to go through globally in April.

“There is a huge difference between a 3.5 star film and a 4.5 star one. If Netflix is going to erase that distinction, they will lose a big part of their advantage compared to other streaming services,” one Reddit user complained.

What do you think the major difference will be if Netflix follows through with their overhaul of the rating system? A test run has shown a 200% increase in voting on Netflix films with the thumbs up/thumbs down option, but does that necessarily mean it will be better for users and will they be happier with this update?


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