The Lion King reboot director taps Beyonce as potential voice actress for Nala

Beyonce takes dressed to impress to glamerous standards.

Disney’s plans to make live action films of their animated originals has had a very positive outcome for the 93-year-old Burbank company.

Thus far, their latest contribution to the box office Beauty and the Beast has netted over 779 million dollars, closing in on their 2016 release of The Jungle Book, which made 966 million worldwide.

Simba and Nala in The Lion King
Simba and Nala in The Lion King (1994)

The Jungle Book’s director Jon Favreau is coming back to direct a life-like reboot of the iconic 1994 The Lion King film, and word is that he has chosen Beyoncé to fulfill the role of the lioness Nala. Queen Bey has not yet made a decision to star in the role, but it would certainly add to an already power packed a-list cast if she did.

Although Bey is presently pregnant with twins, since the role will be voice acted she may not be too limited or strained performing in the studio.

Community star Donald Glover has already signed on to play the lead role of Simba. James Earl Jones will be returning to reprise the legendary role of Mufasa, also.

The original The Lion King film is regarded one of the most successful animated movies of all time, for grossing over nearly 1 billion dollars worldwide, and the Disney company claims it is the highest grossing film in history when accounting its numerous adaptations and Broadway plays.

Are you excited for a new animated version of The Lion King, and how do you feel about the possibility of Queen Bey starring in the role of Simba’s paramour?

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