Woman has a complete breakdown in a Santa Monica restaurant over a kissing couple!

By Nicholas Pendergast

We’ve all seen it before. One night you’re out on the town and two lovebirds are locked in an embrace sharing spit in public or out at an establishment.

Either you eat it all up as an adorable fruition of love in your midst, or if you can’t bare to look at it, you probably turn away immediately and lift up three or four hundred psychic barriers to mentally block out the image of someone else’s love in your presence.

You have probably never thrown a temper tantrum like this, though.

Watch this couple receive some seriously unfair treatment from a weirdo with a very serious issue about kissing couples. The worst part is that her little temper tantrum holds up an entire line of customers waiting to get food, so the entire restaurant is forced to endure her little tirade.

After claiming to be sexually harassed by the public display of affection, the woman escalates this situation with a number of very explicit and sexist comments!

As the cashier stands in absolute awe, the kissing couple and the outraged woman go back and forth for several minutes.

Finally, she decides to cash out — only to turn this situation into an even larger disaster that you will just have to see.

Wait for the collective groan at the end when she makes her racist remarks. It really brings the whole thing together.


Edit: It turns out the woman is named Anna Storelli, and she is an amateur porn star with an extremely weird obsession for Justin Beiber. We won’t indulge any sick fantasies by digging up her porn resume, but isn’t it a bit ridiculous that she would be so offended by PDA?

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