Bizarre and twisted YouTube star goes viral with Elmer’s glue and bottle of coyote urine!

idubbzTV strange man opens a lot of boxes

by Nicholas Pendergast

“Coyote urine. It’s urine from a fucking coyote,” proclaims the YouTube star of iDubbbzTV, as he pulls a bottle of feral piss out of a box. “This could be the coyote urine of a crack dealer,” he jokes.

Coyote urine is typically used by hunters to lure coyotes in the wild, but iDubbbz has other plans, like reaching two million views by filming himself taking deep whiffs.

Oh the many places coyote urine can take you.

iDubbbz receives quite a few packages for his Bad Unboxing Fanmail segments, with letters written by fans read out loud by the host. The packages are quite random and iDubbbz never fails to make each episode entertaining by delivering clever anecdotes and sharp-witted jests.

Sometimes the comedy is provided by the fans who send their letters.

“Hi iDubbbzTV, maybe you can use this glue to keep my parents marriage together,” one fan writes, just before iDubbbz boldly swallows some Elmer’s glue.

iDubbbz reads some facts of life.

But not everything is pointless musings with hardware epoxy and bait piss bottles. This strange man also reads excerpts from cancer survivor Randy Becton’s Everyday Strength: A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Survival. Perhaps knowing that Randy Becton was a cancer survivor (he died in 2016 almost thirty years after the book was published) will alleviate any concerns you might have over the harsh tone in the excerpts.

However, if you are really sensitive to jokes about struggling with cancer (even when they are made by a cancer survivor), then you may want to skip this part of his segment! You might find iDubbbz impersonation of the Joker more to your taste.

“Put a Pixie stick down your urethra. See what happens, I dare you,” iDubbbz challenges his viewers toward the end of the video.

What a strange man.

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