Fox News is saying goodbye to Bill O’Reily

To some, Bill O’Reily is America’s sweet grandpa; a champion of American conservative values for decades, Bill O’Reily touted morals around like he invented the codes of decent social folk.

Well it turns out that Bill O’Reily is scum. As if it was not apparent from the Inside Edition outbursts that leaked about ten years ago, O’Reily is prone to snap into an antisocial sociopath. One no longer have to imagine that his move up to Fox News only moved that out of control edge to places inside of Fox’s executive offices.

The evidence is out. O’Reily is responsible for sexual harassment on at least seven women. If other women were assaulted in the time that they were guests on the show, then O’Reily has been able to keep them quiet. So far more than $13 million has been paid out in settlements over the accusations. His annual salary as a Fox News host was estimated around $18 million.

Apparently the Murdoch family finally grew tired of writing this asshole out big checks.

O’Reily cast away guests on his show all of the time, but one guest who always had a home on his platform for far right talking points, was Stephen Colbert.

Oh, you can bet that the natural Stephen Colbert of the liberally slanted The Late Show was far more willing to dig into the old sexist grinch than the GOP friendly character of satire that made Colbert famous.

Stephen drilled — hard!

However, halfway through the video, Stephen had a go at his old fashioned Comedy Central personality. The biting satire of his former character was no less harsh than it was three years ago. By the end of the video, O’Reily is pancaked in between both of Colbert’s personalities.

Whatever career O’Reily has left, it’s best for him to stay out of the spotlight, or Colbert will be

on point once again!

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