Donald Trump raises the ire of scientists declaring global science march right in the middle of Washington

Global protests flood cities in defense of science

Okay, so normally we are taught to write objectively as fair and neutral journalists, so I do not think I am breaching any rule of trust between you the reader and I when I say frankly, you really should not be afraid of objectively collected scientific data.

There should never need be a reason for protesters to march in favor of something that is objectively true. That is exactly what is happening with today’s global science march.

Waves of advocates for science flooded America

Sadly, there is an unbelievable fear of science in today’s world. How did this happen after decades of explosive scientific progress? My generation is only a couple decades off of rockets exploding into orbit, taking people up to the Moon, and shooting a record into the furthest corners of space.

What went wrong?

Flat earth theory has made a comeback after hundreds of years. Climate change deniers accuse us all of some liberal conspiracy theory every time we talk about toxicity levels in the water. Evolution is simply the work of Satan, and all of the fossils on record were created by black magic. They even want to shutdown the EPA.

Really. What happened? The next thing you know, they’re going to try and deny physics (although that may lead to some good things if they all casually gather over the edge of a cliff.)

Science is real. If you still think that I am wrong, here is a song about the excellence of science.

How can you possibly argue with Carl Sagan?

Unfortunately, no amount of data will shake the wool from the eyes of those who are as deep in special interest as the Titanic is the North Atlantic.

Well at least the special interests are now literally in the executive branch instead of loaning money to people in it. #drainingtheswamp

Thousands gathered in cities across the country and around our world (around as in not flat) today to defy those diabolical swamp drainers.

This march of nonpartisan patriots and scientific advocates falls on the same day as Earth Day, a worldwide celebration where we who rather like it here on this planet speak praises of all that is beautiful about Earth before the evil smog bandits destroy it.

We have objective data that they are doing that, so it’s okay for me to say it without compromising journalistic integrity.

The L.A. Times reports that this crowd of Earth lovers gathered heavily in Washington D.C., where a pretty good number of climate change and evolution deniers recently moved in over the past few months. Protestors at the event were ‘encouraged’ to dress up in attire relative to science, such as in ‘work gear and labcoats’.

“I’m watching science being denied and undermined,” a 51-year-old teacher named Jeanne Walton said to journalists. Jeanne was marching with her son, an 18-year-old mechanical engineering major at Temple University. “We’re replacing facts with propaganda,” she said.

Similar events were set up in corners across the globe (note the italics) so that people in Berlin, London, Geneva, Sydney, and even scientists in the North Pole could share their rally to defend the integrity of science.

In the United States, protestors marched in major cities from the east to west coasts. Protestors shared insights and media on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day.

The global science march dominated the Internet today!

Flat earth theorists will probably take to social media platforms designed with cutting edge technology and science, to tell you that this is all ‘fake news’ created by the globalists.

Anyway, how can you explain the existence of globalists without a globe? I bet you lunatic right wingers never thought of that one.





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