Woman chased around McDonalds parking lot for holding homeless sign gets viral attention!

Homelessness is nothing to joke about. Surely you’ve seen the suffering and downtrodden begging on the street corners just to make enough money to eat or maybe if they’re fortunate put up for a hotel. It’s nothing that anyone would want to live with day to day.

Unfortunately, many people who are truly homeless are passed over because of disgusting people who proclaim to be homeless, but aren’t. If you see a person pretend to be homeless, then what does that make you think of everyone else?

Here is a woman who was caught in the city of Richmond, Virginia begging for change, however, she does not seem to be who she makes herself out to be. According to the men filming her, she stands out on the streets every day and begs for change.

It’s certainly possible that she is forced to live and sleep in her car, but that does not fly with the locals. The presence of her new vehicle tips them off; the woman is not your average beggar, and she must be put up on YouTube for true justice!



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