The 7 Ways To Maximize Misery might subtly lead you to your goals!

Misery is a hard bed fellow to deal with.

CGP Grey created this clever little video, which indirectly shows you how to get out of that funk you’re in and pursue a productive life fueled by goals and positive habits. Of course, serious depression is normally no laughing matter, with a few odd cases aside in those of us who like to shoot ourselves in the foot with self-dehumanizing memes.

Casual Nihilism, anyone?

Every once in awhile there stirs some motivation the hearts of a restless and miserable soul, the motivation to get up and try something new, pay some bills, work to achieve a goal, use that goal to establish some sense of value and success. It’s a hard path to follow.

Trust me, I’ve barely been able to get out of bed for almost all of my adult life, I know how easy it is to get swallowed by the sea of depression and forget about responsibilities. On the other hand, sometimes being swallowed up by that vast pit of stinkiness is the motivating factor to go out there and act — well, like a grown up!



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