Have you ever wanted to defend Earth against extraterrestrial life? Well now there is an opening in NASA…

New professional fields are always appearing in the job market. With the innovation of design and changes in our basic everyday needs, there’s limit to what can be on demand next.

Don’t let gravity define your career…

Now, real life interstellar defense is probably something that is a few light years away from the type of scenes we’ve seen in Star Wars or other science-fiction space odysseys, but we know for a fact that there are some very real dangers floating around in space that could kill us all without the use of particle accelerator cannon.

You’ve probably heard about giant meteors that are hurtling around out there, but did you ever stop to think that maybe there are also much smaller microscopic threats traveling in space that could be harder to spot?

You never know what will pop out on you!

Space bacterias are a real thing, and if there’s anything humans know about bacteria, it’s that it can be a problem…

Sometimes bacterial species wipe out entire groups of organisms into extinction, and humanity does not want to be on that list.

So NASA are hiring a planetary protection officer to inspect the bacteria flying around between us and the stars. This six figure salary offers some benefits like ‘travel’ and three years of guaranteed job stability with a possible extension to five.

With the increasing potential for humans to traffic between Earth and the Moon, and other space projects taking off every year, NASA saw the need to make sure that foreign bacterias were not carried around into radically different environments.

Annnnnd no heading required here…

One very big factor in this decision would have to be the Europa project, which is the study and inspection of life within the Jupiter moon’s underground oceans. NASA and European Space Agency are not even a decade away from sending flights to the satellite discovered by Galileo Galilei in 1610. Both organizations anticipate their first launch dates planned around the mid 2020s.

Someone with an exceptional eye for detail and command of policy will need to step in for the new role, otherwise, there could be some really disastrous results.

The Planetary Protection Officer will monitor all missions to extraterrestrial orbits to insure procedure is followed during robotic and manned flights. Successful missions will result in a pat on the back, a sticker, and the consolation that you just saved the entire world from moon viruses.

Apply today!

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